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Regenerative Dynamometer Systems - RDS

Regenerative Dynamometer Systems - RDS

Features and Benefits: 

·          Complete load data (torque, speed, current, efficiency, power input, power output), temperature rise and related data, during motor operation under predefined rated point.
·          Detection of motor working temperature under any defined rated point.
·          Motor Parameters comparison at cold and hot state.
·          Automatic detection of temperature stabilization.
·          Measurement and display of motor heating curves.
·          Automated test reports in Excel and PDF format.
·          Easy to use, enables the user to set quickly the test parameters, and to produce clear and professional reports.
·          Equipped with regenerative unit that feeds back the energy generated by the loading motor into the main line power supply.
The principle of the test is to use a dynamic adjustable load with a servomotor that functions as a LOAD to the motor under test. The servo drive is fed through KEB R6 (regenerative unit).
In our test bench, the loading motor operates as a generator. Historically, the regenerative energy was wasted into heat using resistors batteries. The MEA Regenerative Dynamometer System solution is to return the energy back into the main line power supply, eliminating heat and ultimately providing a real return on investment for the owner/operator of the system.
This is particularly useful in all applications where prolonged or continuous downward motion occurs, or heat dissipation to the surrounding environment is not wanted.
The unit commission is user-friendly and no further adjustments are needed.
Full digital control, yet no programming required.
For Temperature Rise, conforms to standards IEC 60335-I, EN 60034-I, and UL-484

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