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Cogging Torque Meter

ATM-MN Torque Meter


Features and Benefits: 

·          Achieves high detection sensitivity: Incorporates exclusive high-rigidity torque detection component configured in a vertical structure to reduce torque-detector bearing size, enabling detection of low torque levels of 0.01 mN·m or less.

·          Realizes measurements with low sensitivity to eccentricity: Employing a vertical structure, the equipment resolves problem of eccentricity by using a coupling suspended from the motor subject to measurement, allowing equipment to be fixed in place without rotating the motor’s stator.

·          Significantly reduces the time required to set the motor subject to measurement from that of previous models.

·          Provides accurate peak-to-peak measurement of cogging torque: The torque detector angle of torsion is very low, enabling accurate peak-to-peak measurement of cogging torque, including even the negative range.

·          Broad measurement range: Offers a wide range of five available measurement heads, with torque ratings ranging from 2 mN·m to 50 mN·m, allowing use for high precision measurements.

·          High-visibility measurement data: Motor characteristics are easily ascertained on automatically plotted performance graphs, and measurement data can be overlaid. The cursor can be used to read accurate values from measurement points.

·          Can be controlled using standard personal computers: Allows control of measurements and display and storage of data with a standard personal computer running Windows®. Data is stored in CSV-format files for compatibility with other software applications.



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