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Motor Test for Stepping Motors

Motor Test for Stepping Motors

Features and Benefits:


·          Stable measurement: Since it uses Prony braking, this model provides stable measurement unaffected by moments of inertia and no coupling loss. In addition, the resulting measurements allow data correlation via the traditional double-balance method.

·          Precision measurement method: This model’s judgment of synchronization loss achieves high stability using algorithms developed by Sugawara Laboratories. Measurement mode can be chosen based on step angle. For pull-in torque, startup can be measured consistently from the holding state. Allows measurement at 1-Hz resolution.

·          Broad measurement range: This model offers a range of seven available measurement heads, from 0.5 N to 50 N, allowing use for high-precision measurements. Through selection and use of pulleys, this model can also be used to measure small motors of 0.5 mN·m or less or 500 mN·m motors. Pulley diameters and other settings are easily configured using a personal computer running Windows®. Note: Any of the seven available heads may be attached to a single measurement component.

·          High-visibility measurement data: Motor characteristics are easily ascertained on automatically plotted performance graphs. Measurement data can be overlaid up to four times. In addition, the cursor can be used to read accurate values from measurement points. Hard copies of data displayed on-screen can be printed from a personal computer.

·          Can be controlled using standard personal computers: Allows control of measurement operations and display and storage of data from a standard personal computer running Windows®. Data is stored in CSV-format files for compatibility with other software applications.

General Specifications

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