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Compressor Tester

Compressor Tester

Features and Benefits: 


·          Full load performance from stall up to no-load, without coupling to external load, including:

torque, speed, current, auxiliary current, main current,

voltage, capacitor voltage,

input power, output power, power factor, motor efficiency,

direction of rotation.

·          Gives RMS, AVG and real-time results.

·          Provides:

friction torque, friction output power, friction spectrum.

·          Provides:

ripple torque, cogging torque level, vibration reason.

·          Optional feature: testing compressor without connecting sensor to motor shaft.

·          Supports various compressors motors configurations:

Resistive Start - Inductive Run, Capacitive Start - Inductive Run, Resistive Start - Capacitive Run, Capacitive Start & Run

·          Spectrum of speed and torque for a wide band of frequencies.

·          Motor performance data can be recorded in the system database for comparison and statistical analysis.

·          Motor power switching is done automatically by the system.

·          Motors can be tested inside their applications.

·          Tests results are provided graphically and tabulated.

·          Test reports in PDF and Excel format.


Conforms to CE, in accordance with IEEE 112TM and

60034-2-1 © IEC:2007



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