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Hysteresis Brake Dynamometer

Hysteresis Brake Dynamometer

Features and Benefits: 

·          Uses Hysteresis brake for measurement devices
In addition to minimizing the magnetic field aperture in which the hysteresis cup rotates, this component minimizes the cup’s moment of inertia, enabling improved torque-control precision and controlling vibrations at high RPMs.
·          Enables stable measurements from low through high RPMs
Torque is detected by the force exerted by the brake stator, enabling stable torque measurements from low through high RPM rages. This component features a maximum speed of 30,000 rpm (depending on torque rating). In addition, optional components can be used to improve speed resolution for use with low-speed motors of 100 rpm or less.
·          Compatible with broad range of torque ratings from 5mN*m through 50 N*m
Measurements components can be selected to suit motor power to ensure high-precision measurements. Users can select from 14 models of TA/TB torque measurement components, offering differing torque ratings
·          Long-lasting non-contact brake
Hysteresis brakes are non-contact devices and offer long service life. Except for bearings, hysteresis brakes have virtually no maintenance requirements.
·          Superior heat resistance
Another hysteresis brake advantage is its resistance to changes in torque values due to increases in brake temperature or surrounding temperature.
·          Features air bearings for low-torque use.
Conforms to CE, in accordance with IEEE 112TM

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