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FFT Analyzer and Motion Analyzer

FFT Analyzer and Motion Analyzer

Features and Benefits: 


·          Motion analysis of real-time behavior of rotating/moving systems.

·          Provides speed-time and speed-spectrum, with same time/frequency base.

·          Measures and analyzes speed and power as a function of time or frequency.

·          Provides simultaneous measurements of 3 channels for speed sensors (encoder, resolver, sine/cosine signals, etc.), 12 analog input/output signals, and 8 digital input/output signals.

·          Displays results in table and graphic form.

·          Works on PC format.

·          Moving/rotating parts can be tested inside their applications.

·          Low cost, simple, easy-to-use, and highly sophisticated on-site tester, in the palm of your hand.

·          User-friendly Windows.

·          With optional hardware and software analog input signal can be used for measuring voltage, current, accelerometer, and a microphone.



Conforms to CE, in accordance with IEEE 112TM


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