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DC Micro Motors

M.E.A. DC Micro Motors applications are specifically designed for analyzing the performance of DC micro motor systems used in a diverse range of industries including medical and laboratory equipment, robotics and automation, modular components, optics and photonics, aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, security and instrumentation.


As advanced instrument for Research & Development and Quality Control & Quality Assurance, by means of non-contact frictionless sensors and a standard USB connection, M.E.A.’s Inertial Dynamometer MotorLab Kit MLK-DM® for DC Micro Motors gives you the power to obtain analysis of real-time behavior of DC micro motor systems. This analysis is critical during the phase of designing and developing new systems that include DC micro motors.


M.E.A. Inertial Dynamometer MotorLab Kit MLK-DM® for DC Micro Motors series provides data measurement and recording of analog and digital input signals, enabling analysis of DC micro motor systems performance. It displays analytical results, giving you the capability to identify previously undetected mechanical and electrical problems and defects (i.e. transition and resonance phenomena, vibration, unbalance, noise), to assess DC micro motor system condition in the stages of design/development and production/assembly.


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