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Cogging Torque

M.E.A.  inertial dynamometers and cogging torque applications are specifically designed for measuring the cogging torque level.


All of M.E.A.’s Inertial Dynamometers can provide cogging torque level measurements included with the standard performance tests. Select the inertial dynamometer model based on your application and motor type, and include the cogging torque level test.


As an advanced production instrument, M.E.A. offers Sugawara Lab’s Cogging Torque Meter, an essential tool for obtaining accurate peak-to-peak measurements of cogging torque, in a broad measurement range. Cogging torque meter gives you the power to achieve high detection sensitivity.


Cogging torque meter allows control of measurements and display and storage of data with a standard personal computer running Windows®. The data is stored in CSV-format files for compatibility with other software applications.


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