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Compressor Tester

M.E.A. compressor applications are specifically designed for analyzing the performance of compressor systems. These solutions allow testing the compressor systems WITH or WITHOUT attaching a sensor.


As an advanced service instrument, M.E.A.’s M-CT® Compressor Tester for testing compressor system performance, gives you the power to obtain analysis of real-time behavior of compressor systems. This analysis is critical during the phase of on-site analysis.


Without any additional sensor nor any external load, the M-CT® Compressor Tester automatically gives the compressor load’s complete load performances, input and output performance of the compressor’s nominal working point, and mechanical defect testing.


M.E.A. M-CT® Compressor Tester series for testing compressors provides data measurement and recording of analog and digital input signals, enabling analysis of compressor systems performance. They display analytical results, giving you the capability to identify previously undetected mechanical and electrical problems and defects (i.e. transition and resonance phenomena, vibration, unbalance, noise), to assess compressor system condition on-site.


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