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Fan Tester (AMCA/BSI stds) with/without Airways

Fan Tester (AMCA/BSI stds) with/without Airways

Features and Benefits: 


·          Analysis of real-time behavior of fan systems, including the fan’s load curve.

·          Without connecting to any sensor, provides:

fan’s load curve,

input and output performance of the fan’s nominal working point,

friction and mechanical defect testing.

·          With additional sensor, provides:

fan’s load curve,

friction & friction spectrum for mechanical defect testing,

complete motor and load data, from stall up to max speed,

torque & speed-spectrum.

·          Tests results are provided graphically and tabulated.

·          Low-cost, simple, easy-to-use, and highly sophisticated on-site tester.

·          Easily operated by novice and experienced users.

·          Connects to any computer through USB cable.


Conforms to CE, in accordance with IEEE 112TM and

60034-2-1 © IEC:2007


Fan Tester without AirwayFan Tester without Airway
Fan Tester with AirwayFan Tester with Airway

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