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In house motor testing



We offer motor testing services for a wide range of AC,  DC and BLDC motors.


Samples comparing service.


Testing Capabilities

·          Torque range is not limited

·          Speeds up to 60,000 rpm


Performance Characteristics Tested

·          Torque

·          Speed

·          Efficiency

·          Locked Rotor

·          Current

·          Voltage

·          Watts Input

·          Watts Output



Documentation Provided

·          Written test description, including test environment and process

·          Photographs of the setup

·          Printed tabular and graphical data

·          Speed, torque and power curves

·          Raw data: Provided as a tab-delimited .txt file for importing into your spreadsheet or database program

·          Certificate of performance: Guarantees authenticity of tests performed at M.E.A.


 Click to download a sample test report. 

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